3 Monks fled to border after DKBA, Karen Guerrilla Group forced them to become Vegetarians

Similarly, One residence monk from Htee Ka Haw Monastery, U Tilawka was told by the same commander that if he would like to maintain as residence monk in the monastery, “Sayadaw” had to eat vegetables and join DKBA.

“They brought 1 monk and 2 novices to our monastery. They told me that they brought new residence monk for our monastery. If I would like to maintain my status, I have to become vegetarian and join the army. According to our Monk’s rules, residence monk should be 5 years as monk to take charge of a monastery and their monk just became a Buddhist monk only a few days. So I did not argue anything and I just left my monastery. I can survive anywhere else.” said U Tikawki.

At April 16, 2009, the following Buddhist Monks fled to the border due to the same reason; U Kovida (54 years, 33 year in monkhood) of Wamikalar, U Tilawka (34 year, 14 year in monkhood), U Knadawunta (61 years, 6 month in monkhood) of Than Le Monastery respectively.

KIC News Agency tried to contact Commander Bo Pa Nwee of his comment but it was declined.

In Pai Kyone Township, there were 11 monastery and 50 monks but there only 3 monasteries practice vegetarian eating according to the monks.