Flood in Mandalay and Burmese Responses

Letters to MoeMaKa
October 11th, 2010

Youth for humanitarian Assistance requests humanitarian aid for Mandalay flood victims while People who experienced Cyclone Nargis are concerned with the forthcoming election
One letter to MoeMaKa was from the youths providing humanitarian assistance (Cit-ta-su-kha-pra-hi-ta Youth) especially to flood victims. You can see some of their activities on http://www.cittasukha.com and http://www.ourmandalay.net/index.php.

In another letter, A MoeMaKa colleague from Yangon said that the flood and natural disaster reminded him of Cyclone Nargis tragedy back in 2007, May, when the Burmese regime used force to get their constitution approved while flood victims suffered and died due to regime’s ignorance. He stated his worry that this time again under any circumstance and any cost, military government is determined to hold a one-sided unfair election in November 2010.


Here is a letter about the plight of people in Mandalay:
“ … It started raining in Mandalay, Burma on 7th October 2010. It rained heavily the next day. Water rose and flooded almost the whole of Mandalay. People have to use boats to go from one place to the other. Water covered most of the lower areas. One storey buildings from both sides of Myot Thit  Pan-yan-daw River, from southeast Mandalay went under the water. There were also flooding from Pa-thein Gyi Township. But according to State-run Newspaper, it said water only rose to 11″ (eleven inches). The patients from Cancer treatment hospital of Pa-thein-gyi had to relocate to the house owned by Oriental House hotel. Highway leading to Pyin-Oo -Lwin  was also under the water.
There were not enough boats for rescue people from the flooded areas. Some people were rescued, but we do not know for sure how many families are still plagued by flood and may be in critical situation. We managed to distribute the food package for victims but not systematically due to lack of resources.  Nor is the food package is sufficient to distribute for all victims.
For our (Cit-ta-su-kha-pra-hi-ta Youth) group, we started to provide the assistance on the night of (October 8 th) as much as we can.Since we are a small organization, we had to seek donors for the rescue efforts to aid the flood victims.

On the 9t th, we distributed about 400 food packages successfully. On the 10 th, we distributed more food packages including 500 bottles of drinking water. We are moving to distribute the foods by ourselves where the water level is up to our waists. The type of the food packages we distributed is for two persons and can be served for daytime and nighttime. Many large organizations also came to distribute the food. Mostly food packages and drinking water are distributed, as they are the bare necessities of life. We will continue to distribute the food for the coming days. The food which can be saved for a long period such as – snacks, biscuits, dried cakes, fried fish-paste, fried shrimp etc. will be distribute starting from tomorrow.
Our group was able to distribute food and water for only one section of Mandalay as we have limited volunteers and funds. We go to the remote areas and try to get to people who cannot be reached without with boats. We cannot afford to hire boats. We have plans to continue offering food to the flood victims everyday provided we have the donors/donations.

Contact address:
Phone: 09-2027574
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