Sithu Zeya sent to Dog House as punishment for talking back to Prison Officer

Moeyan Maka (Yangon)

January 8, 2011

A Burmese journalist Sithu Zeya, who took reports on the bomb explosion, at X2O pavilion in Kantawgyi, during water festival of Yangon in April 2010, was arrested and imprisoned later in Insein prison by military government. According to the news received via other political prisoners’ families visited there, it is learnt that he was transferred, in the afternoon of Jan 6, to dog house as punishment from cell block 5, where he was being held.

A family member of an imprisoned politician told that Ko Sithu Zeya complained about the needs regarding prison living conditions to the prison director during on his round. The director responded haughtily. Then Sithu Zeya was sent to the dog house as punishment for talking back to the prison director yesterday afternoon.

During his arrest, his father U Zeya (pen-name Thargyi Zeya) was also arrested and imprisoned. Sithu Zeya was unfairly charged with Security and Video Acts, and sentenced to 8 years by military junta. He is repeatedly being put on trial for other various Acts. He and his father are the grandson and son of the famous writer Lin Yone Maung Maung (passed away), respectively.