Month: November 2011

Why Dictators Dare by Junior Win

A dictatorship is a type of government in which a person or group of people rules a country with absolute power. Dictatorships can be established through violence and maintained through physical force and a limitation of people’s freedom of speech and behavior. They may also employ techniques of mass propaganda in order to sustain their public support.

Tanhsungmone and the Medicine Night by Junior Win

Tanhsaungmone and The Medicine Night

Come Tanhsaungmone(Tahsaungtaing), the 8th month of the Burmese calendar, another lights festival even more elaborate with the usual trimming of music, dances, and shows. Tanhsaungmone festival is the lights festival in the month of tanhsaungmone(November). The month is the time for offering special robes and other gifts to the monks.