Walking through the Wonderland by Junior Win

Products from all over the country were found there – mats, trays, fruits, dried fish, boxes made of cane or bamboo or palm leaves, bags and hand-woven textiles in colorful patterns and tha-na-kha(Burmese women’s favorite natural make-up) and so on. This part of the festival grounds was, for me, a wonderland! Where I may wander and browse for hours and come away finally loaded with pretty little things.

There were rows of food stalls and I could try varieties of Burmese snacks. I could not help to try a mohn-hin-gar a dish with hot thick fish soup or a dish of Burmese noodles with chicken curry and so many Burmese dishes along the pagoda ground. By smelling their sweet smells, I did not want to miss it. As I walked through the never-ending food fare paradise, the air was thick with heavy smell of frying. I also tried a grand carnival of crispies or pan-cakes or gourd crispies with green lettuce celery and sauce of tamarind pulp
and hot chillies. Oh! What a taste!

I also saw the temporary roof made with strong cloth which was for Burmese show – Burmese ZatPwe (an entertainment of music, song and dances) which attracted people to watch it the whole night. Cripses and snacks were plentiful on the festival grounds. I took some of them home to eat. Some were best eaten on the spot. I was happy to wander around the festival grounds never boring watching colorful things all-around me.