Month: April 2012

The Adventure of my Book Reading by Junior Win

The Adventure of My Book Reading



At last, I chose ‘Desiree’ for my summer-reading.

 Desiree – Old book


This book was my mother’s favorite book. She read very thoroughly, I thought, she could speak out by heart some favorite scenes. But the book was very old since then. The last few pages were with tiny holes. Pages turned to yellowish and some pages were loosened from the corners. She had some loosen pages photocopied for convenient reading, I remember. At that time I did not want to read this book, because I was not interested in female heroism stories although I was a female. I did not like romantic story. I also did not like Napoleon. I had many dislikes for this book. Now, my interest turned to history. I loved to read the biographies of historical leaders, dictators,….I decided to read ‘Desiree’ to know what behind history for Napoleon.