Why Dictators Dare (2) by Junior Win


I have learnt that dictators hold three main things such as Power, Money and Guns. The people under their rule endured what the dictators did as a saying; that cannot be cured must be endured. Do not expect hope from the International Community except these words such as ‘Deeply Sorrow’ or ‘Truly Sympathy’ which were like a condolence to the dear departed. People had been cheated for years to expect Superman or his Justice League as International Community come and save their life and the media which is usually in the pay of dictators giving proofs of truths to show the world how cruel the dictators were.


The dictators ended their life by themselves NOT by the help of International Community. Their betrayals within their circle or their too much ambition ruined their life and ended tragically. Like a burning candle became one day worn out its light, the dictator became lose their fortune and fell. But before their time came, let their people be victims of their dictatorship. Hope or wishful thinking never arrived. It would come one day but could not tell when.


So ‘that cannot be cured must be endured’ was the truest word I had ever seen by learning from their life story and that I was thinking by the side of the innocent people. Although the United Nations Organization came into being on 24th October 1945 which was a day of brighter hopes for the future mankind, although it was the day for the people’s prayers for a peaceful world, the modern dictators as Saddam Hussein or Muammar al Gaddafi were born and their cruelty could compare with that of the dictators of old history. These were the best results how their work well successful. By seeing the number of dictators appeared after the UNO was born, believing our world was truly made a better and happier place to live in?