Unforgettables by Junior Win

I wish let the rain should slash mercilessly, and… 
Today is the Martyr’s day.
I remember what my grandparents said about that day,
And how they lamented for our fallen leaders and prayed;

‘Everywhere in the city, on buses, on trains and in the market places
They saw all the men’s eyes wet and women sobbing as if their hearts would break.’ 
‘While at 10:37 A.M in the Chamber;
In which the members of the Governor’s Executive Council;
Our leaders who were shot to death, brutally assassinated.’

Now today is the day that our martyrs’ day!
I wonder the thick shroud of rain and clouds will lay on us all again
As it was seen as the day of nineteenth July of 1947?
 ‘All-shaken thunders’ with roaring rain will be added to the heavy clouds again?
I want to see such a terribly aspect of nature which can shook the whole city!
Today is the day of tears to the whole nation to mourn for the death of our heroes.
But I cannot see such great tears of the whole nation happened in the scene of the day.
I know the time healed the tears to dry as log or our heart to cold as ice.
I wish let the rain should slash mercilessly again, and
The winds will roar pitilessly as same happening on the day of 19th July 1947…
If I cannot feel in the flesh at the present that the weather is so foul,
I fear how can recall the Martyrs Day!