Junior Win – Burmese New Year Passing with No Padauk


Burmese New Year Passing with No Padauk (Junior Win)

(Padauk buds were hoping to meet the shower of the rain.)

This year 2016, 13th April was the welcoming day of the water festival, and after 4 days of watering, 17th April was the Burmese New Year. I arranged flowers and leaves for the day of the Thingyan (water) festival, to welcoming Thargarmin (King of the celestials) at the Atar Pot (Thingyan Pot).

(A seller sold flowers and leaves of welcoming Burmese New Year.)

I set in front of the house at the suitable place to welcom Thargarmin.

(I put the pot in front my house.)

Although the Padauk (Gun-kino flowers) (yellow flowers especially bloom on Thingyan month, welcoming Burmese New Year) did not bloom this year, their buds were seen hoping to meet the rain. The sun was too hot to go outside, but people enjoyed water festival at every roads, and streets. However the warning of ultraviolet rays, and its UV index was too high for Rangoon people, water festival went on successfully.