Kan Kaw Story by Junior Win

(Kan Kaw Story by Junior Win)

I fell in love with Kankaw (Mesua Ferra) flowers when I saw them at the Sunlun Meditation monastery. They bloomed beautifully. There were three Thai Kankaw trees planted near Sunlun Sayadaw U Vinaya’s residence. Whenever we visited Sayadaw’s place,

I looked them with envy and respect. I wished I had the same kind of tree in my garden one day. 
(At the side of Sunlun Sayadaw’s residence, beautiful flowers bloomed.)
Luckily I found Thai kankaw trees only 2 feet tall, selling at the market, and there were 6 or 7 buds included. I wanted to plant it in my garden, and it might be one of the memories of Sunlun Sayadaw. I bought one, and planted it near our household shrine. After a month, those buds bloomed very pretty as the seller told. It was in the summer of 2014.
(I planted it in the vase, and 6 or 7 buds included (left), and they bloomed in 3 weeks (right).)
The Thai Kankaw tree I planted in my garden became growing stronger and healthier. I hoped to see Kankaw flowers when the next summer came. But it did not bloom. However Thai Kankaws supposed to be bloomed in every season, they preferred hot weather. If I were lucky, it would bloom again in the winter that year, after the rainy season. But no buds were coming. I had to wait next summer.
Three months before this summer, I saw many buds were coming at the tree. I was happy indeed. I believed Kankaw flowers bloomed at the Sunlun Monastery too.
(Kankaw flowers, and their buds were full in the tree.)