Birthday Ceremony, and Kason, Pouring Water on the Sacred Tree (Junior Win)

Today was the full moon day of Kason (May), and it was the day the Buddha was born, and He attained the Enlightenment at the foot of the Bodhi Tree, and the passing of the Buddha into the Nibbana. So, there the full moon day of Kason month is a three-fold anniversary happened.

(It was grateful for Sunlun Sayadaw, born on the full moon day of Kason.)

If one were born on the full moon day of Kason, it would be very grateful for him having such noble coincidence. Sunlun Sayadaw U Wara was born on the full moon day of Kason. He was now 71st years old. I was present at the 7th Mile Sunlun monastery for His birthday anniversary of Sunlun Sayadaw U Wara on the full moon day of Kason today. There were 16 monks attended the alms-giving ceremony, and hundreds of Buddhists came and participated. One can offer any gifts to each monk when monks went forth to the way where people waited.

(Buddhists gathered at the Sunlun Monastery)

(People were ready to offer alms-giving while monks were coming.)

After the ceremony, people can pour water on the sacred tree – Bodhi Tree in the Sunlun campus. There were Nethar (Burmese Thanakhar – natural make-up) were already prepared mixing with water, and for throwing together into the Sacred Tree.

(Buddhists were pouring water on the Bodhi Tree, waters were ready at the big bowl.)

(Bodhi Tree, and Buddhists participated in the act of honoring Buddha.)

For having Nethar (Burmese natural make-up), Sayadaw prepared 4 Big circular stone slabs at Sunlun monastery. They were ready for you for rubbing the Nathar bark with a few drop of water on the stone face, and by your circular motions, creamy natural make-up appeared. It was a very hard work. Really! I only could have done a spoonful of Nethar creamy for 10 minutes of rubbing the bark! For those taking-part ceremony, the Nethar creamy would be added into the water for pouring into the Sacred Tree. It was the act of honoring Buddha’s Sacred Day.

(See the Big circular stone slabs, with Nethar barks. Men also participated in it although it was a women’s duty.)