A Visit to the Burmese Flowers and Plants Festival by Junior Win

The festival was held at Kandawgyi Land situated at the eastern side of Shwedagon Pagoda in the month of January 2019. There were various festivals held in many ways. Burmese stage-shows, Burmese crafts festivals, Burmese flowers and plants festival, etc.

(Two rows of shops.)

The land around the Kandawgyi Lake was large and shady. Routes inside there seemed country roads. People enjoyed visiting and resting where they pleased as they wished.

(Dancing Ladies.)

There were only two rows of bamboo and thatch huts which are market stalls. That small part of the market ground was a wonderland. Plants and beautiful flowers you may wander and browse for hours and come away finally laden with pretty little things. I was not a kind of good gardener. But I was interested in reading the names of flowers and plants which were written on the pieces of papers hung around at the stalls. 

(Funny names!)

Those flowers and plants came from all over Burma. Their names were funny. See, ‘Beautiful smile of Lottery Win’, ‘Venus Fly Trap’, ‘Golden fruit from the golden plant’, ‘Chilli Flowers’, ‘Red Parrot’, etc. Some name seemed sad, ‘Flowers Lonely as a cloud‘. Orchids have a million names. I did not remember all. I think Upper Burma flowers would die shortly in the hot weather here. But people did not care. They bought them without thinking. 

(‘Come Gold, Come Silver’, Price – 45000 kyats!)

(The flower reminds me of an old song; ‘Roses are red, my love,….’ )

(Behind me, the lake is artificial.)

(After all, I was with the Organic Lady.)