A Trip to Sit-Tway (Western Burma) (Myauk-U) Part (One) by Junior Win

I had a trip to Sit-Tway a year ago. Sit-Tway, is a district of the Rakhine State in western Burma. We planned to visit a town, called ‘Myauk-U’ – is a township of Myauk-U district in the Rakhine State of Burma. I have never been there before. The place was not secure for the visitors because of the Rakhine State riots. But at that time, the place Myauk-U was calm and safe.

( A beautiful view of Sit-Tway airport from the plane.)

We started our trip by plane in the early afternoon for 50 minutes flying. When we arrived at sit-tway airport, a native friend welcomed us, and we all went to Myauk-U by car right away. There would be four-hour driving, and in the late evening, we would reach the place for our four days’ visit.

(A view from the car. Trees and roughy roads are everywhere.)

(A famous Rakhine Food. Soup and salad (spicy or sweet), both are delicious.)

Along the trip from Sit-Tway to Myauk-Oo, we stopped at a small shop to eat lunch. Rakhine Food was a favourite dish for the visitor. There were two kinds of taste; spicy and sweet. I preferred spicy.

There were many bridges we passed. Among them, the Kysanpnadi Bridge was famous and most popular. Songs and poems portrayed its beauty and pride. (It was built over the Kaladan River, also known as Kysapnadi, is a river in eastern Mizoram State of India, and in China State and Rakhine State of western Burma. Kispanadi Bridge is located at the entrance to Kyauktaw, traversing the Kaladan River.) The name “Kysanpnadi’ is something significant. It seemed like being a pretty girl and her infinite variety. I was excited when we are nearer her.

(‘Kysanpnadi Bridge’.)

And we continued to the famous Mahamyatmuni Buddha Image which was situated near Kyauktaw, a town in the north Rakhine State, is situated at 65 miles far from the north of Sittway.

(Mahamyatmuni Buddha Image at Kyauktaw.)