Scene after one month and ninth day of the military coup in Burma

(MoeMaKa) March 11, 2021

The main news headline for March 11 was that the NLD Education Network Leader, Zaw Myat Lin, 46, had died under detention on March 9 told by Military to family members. His body retrieved from Military by family was reported that it was badly decomposed and damaged by torture and abuse. More and more people are being killed by the military junta while under detention.  

Another important news is that six people were killed when police opened fire on peaceful Burmese protesters in Myaing. In North Dagon, Bago, Dawei and Mandalay,  at least one person from each city were been killed in a series of shootings by the military. On March 11, at least 10 people were killed. The shooting death of six people in a small town like Myaing is also a serious crime of the Military Council.

There is nothing to report about the military press conference. We can conclude that the true image of the Fascists was clearly exposed. At the press conference, the response to the questioners was so rude that the characters of the brutal terrorist could not be hidden.

Lawyer and poet U Lwin Aung alias Nary Myeik from Myeik was reportedly beaten and arrested by the military at his home.  Across Burma Military continued to find and arrest teachers and government staffs involved in CDM through informants. It can be assumed that the detainees were tortured, intimidated and forced to sign in support of the military council. The CRPH has said it does not accept such forced confession issued by the military council.

The military council has announced that it will withdraw the Rakhine Army (AA) as a terrorist group. The announcement by the military council,  also being regarded as a terrorist group by Burmese people and CRPH, caused a stir on social media. The AA has been criticized for standing by the military council. Some critics said the CRPH should announce first the AA as not a terrorist before the military council did. At this important time, when national unity and alliances are being formed and alliances are being expanded, the Rakhine people and their groups were needed on the side of Spring Revolution not at the side of Military regime, some remarked. 

The Rohingya have expressed their sympathy for the current Spring Revolution in Burma based on their experiences and experiences of being under treated violently. There was also a Rohingya march in Rangoon in solidarity with Burmese people. The Rakhine people themselves were seen marching under the Rakhine ethnics flag during the Spring Revolution. Ordinary people from all walks of life and colors stood together on the streets of Myanmar feeling united and in solidarity. However, when they were seen as groups or being classified under different names then they become different and feel different, this is what happens in Burma these days of the effect of divide and rule under Regime. Some Burmese nationals have also been seen holding placards apologizing for their silence on the military’s silent killings of ethnic nationalities. Some groups and ethnic groups point out that the NLD-CRPH has to say something about its silence on the oppressed during its (2015-2020) NLD government.

Protesters have also called for a March 12 general-strike protest. Street protests will continue in many ways, regardless of the regime’s crackdown. At the same time, PPST members from the ceasefire groups are discussing their plan for this Burmese people uprising. At the opening of their meeting, they said it was important to stand up for the suffering people. PPST talks are also underway with the GSC (General Strike Committee), which has been heavily criticized by some for position themselves in parallel with CRPH . An interesting excerpt from some of the PPST quotes from Myanmar NOW News is: (Recognition and political cooperation are not discussed yet but the focus right now is to coordinating action and communicating to both (CRPH & GSC) is needed).

The CRPH says it is stepping up talks with international governments, legal institutions and human rights groups. The Union Parliamentary Representative Committee (CRPH) has officially held talks with international law firm Volterra Fietta to bring legal action against the junta, which has illegally seized power illegally and took responsibility for armed violence against civilians and elected representatives since February 1.

Today, the people are still fighting non-violently against the military dictatorship. It’s not R2P, as one teacher put it, because people are protecting and supporting each other. It is P2P – People to People. Some leaders that people expected failed the People, But some of them unexpectedly become their (people) leaders during the protests. Right now, Burmese people are learning and improving to survive and to fight better while on the battle ground – protests after protests on the streets under heavy repression and brutal crackdown from the Military regime. It can be said that the people have learned a lesson from the war and are depending on each other alone to fight the military dictatorship. It’s still a matter of politicians who will be able to make better judgement call for the people’s struggle of Myanmar’s Spring Revolution. They should not fail Myanmar people.