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Burmese Helping Burmese Fund, Statement 11/2008

 Date 10th July 2008

Subject – Burmese Helping Burmese Fund, Statement 11/2008

 Dear All Burmese Helping Burmese Donors & Volunteer Contributors

 Thanks for your continuous support on Burmese Helping Burmese fund to help and support the following Burmese people inside Burma

          Political prisoners & their families

          Burmese Democracy Activists and their communities

          Burmese Monks boycotting the alms from the Burmese regime

          Burmese Media Professionals standing out for freedom of press & expression

 This month, we are finally in the process of publishing a book dedicated to Kye Mon U Thaung who recently passed away in April 2008 at the age of 82. He was a renowned journalist in exile who continuously fight for freedom of expression and press in Burma for almost of his life time. We will be raising fund from the sale of this book to assist and support the Burmese media people inside Burma who still stand out and fight for the press freedom inside Burma.

Burmese Helping Burmese Fund, Statement 10/2008

 Date – 8th June 2008

Subject – Burmese Helping Burmese Fund, Statement 10/2008

Dear All Burmese Helping Burmese Donors and Volunteer Contributors

 Thanks for your continuous support on Burmese Helping Burmese Fund to help and support the Burmese refugees hit hard by the Nargis Storm and also towards the Burmese, Monks, political prisoners and their families struggling for freedom and democracy with peaceful means inside Burma.

 For the month of May 2008, we have contributed so far as follows

1.      From Burmese Helping Burmese Donors – US$ 1100.00

2.      From various Donor Organizations towards Nargis Relief Works inside Burma – US$ 30,000.00

Total Donation received – 31,100.00 US$

 We have contributed our charity through the following volunteers group inside Burma

Burmese Helping Burmese – Statement 9/2008

 Dated – 10th May 10, 2008

Burmese Helping Burmese – Statement 9/2008

Dear All Burmese Helping Burmese Donors

We will have to change our name to – “Burmese Saving Burmese” under the watchful, brutal and ignorant eye of Burmese junta. We have to tell the whole world to urge – “Please save Burmese from the Disasters of the Storm and the Regime”.

As we have reported previously we have reserved US$ 2000.00 for the Storm and after May 6th, we made contact with our “Burmese Helping Burmese” team back in Rangoon and they are up and running again helping storm victims as much as they can.

            We have so far from our sources, initiated and mobilized the total fund donation to help the Burmese Storm Victims in the affected area around Rangoon & Delta with US$ 8,000.00 already.

            Please share the information that we need 3 level of support and donation drive to help save Burma.


Conversation with Sayadaw U Kovida

from Spring 2008 Turning Wheel

Conversation with Sayadaw U Kovida


by Maia Duerr and Hozan Alan Senauke



Sayadaw U Kovida is a highly respected senior monk who was born in Burma 81 years ago. Although he now lives in exile in New York, he was once the patron of Ma Soe Yein monastery, one of the oldest Buddhist schools in Burma.

  In 2001, Sayadaw visited the U.S. and stayed at the Sasana Joti Center, a New York monastery. Every year he went back to Burma, but since September 2007, he has not been able to return. Sayadaw is now the patron of Sasana Moli – the International Burmese Monks Organization – founded in October 2007. Sasana Moli (which translates to “crown jewel of the monastic community”) is an alliance of more than 50 monks from the U.S., the U.K., Singapore, Canada, and Malaysia.

  On December 15, 2007, BPF staff members Alan Senauke and Maia Duerr had the honor of a private audience with Sayadaw at the Mettananda Vihara in Fremont, California. The day before, Sayadaw was awarded an honorary degree from the University of San Francisco on behalf of all Buddhist monks in Burma. We met on the second floor of the vihara, with several members of the Burmese community joining us. Sayadaw welcomed us with a bow and a warm smile, and sat in a chair near the altar of the Buddha beautifully decorated with food offerings. Maung Yit served as our translator.

Maung Swan Yi – The 3 Sons of Burma

The Three Sons of BurmaMaung Swan YiNov 21, 2007  When …..The soldiersGo backTo the barracks, The monksWill go backTo the monasteries, The studentsWill go backTo their studies, Then …. The white dovesAbove in the blue skyThey will sing and fly.…

Nyane Thit – The Ghost

 The Ghost
Nyane Thit

August 30th, 2007

 – The night hit hard with dark storm

The dark soaked in every corner

There in the dark came

The misery in stealth

And you …

I have longed for your smile .

– Under the dazzling search light

With the mystical might

There at the roof edge

Dangled and gone

Then run the scared wardens

From the side of hangman ward

Stirred by sight of yours


Kaung Kin Pyar – The Latest Joke (oops) Prayer from Burma

The Latest Joke (oops) Prayer from Burma
Kaung Kin Pyar

October 17, 2007

 In Burma, among Burmese people, we have variety of prayers for our Buddhist religion. But in those tiring days, came a new kind of prayer for our true believers.

 The story goes like this; while one of the renowned comedian (you know who …) was arrested for his participation in recent monks’ boycott to the Burmese junta, he was continuously harassed and interrogated by the army officers at the unknown location (you know where …).

The Works of MoeMaKa

The Works of MoeMaKa –  Production Highlights

 We have produced and distributed following publication, audio and video CD/DVD programs.

 “Zarganar – Four Fruits and The Colorful Burmese Anyeint – DVD”, the DVD on the Burmese traditional and cultural show which was banned together with Zarganar, a well-known  Burmese artist and comedian who openly criticized the ruling military junta.

 “Remembering Poet Tin Moe – One Month Anniversary – Book”, for the one month anniversary of the passing of the poet in exile of Burma and Burmese, the presentation of articles and notes by his readers and his fellow writers and artist in memory of him collected at the funeral

 “Remembering Poet Tin Moe – 6 Month Anniversary – Book”, the presentation of    articles by U Thaung, U Win Pe, Maung Swan Yi, Mar Mar Aye and Moe Cho Thin on the reflection on their friend and family member, U Tin Moe. The book was published at the 6 month memorial literary talk event of Poet Tin Moe at the San Francisco in July 2007.

  “Burma Saffron Revolution Remembered – DVD”, the presentation of   music, audio, songs on the protests and the crackdowns of Burmese monks and the people at September 2007 in Burma compiled from the feeds and works contributed by the Burmese reporters and artists inside Burma.

 “MoeMaKa 2006 Journals Annual Publication in PDF – CD”, the complete compilation of 12 issues of 2006 monthly publication of MoeMaKa in PDF format, complete reference in single CD.

 “Burma Saffron Revolution Remembered – PDF – CD” – Compilation of photos by citizen journalists inside Burma on the news story and the time-line on the uprising and crackdown of 2007 August September Burma Saffron Revolution in CD or also available online.