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A Day at The Noble-Myanmar Literary Festival 2015 by Junior Win

  (National Theatre at Myoma School Road.) From 17th January to 19th January of 2015, the Noble-Myanmar Literary Festival was held at National Theatre, Myoma School(Kyaung) Road, Rangoon. It celebrates the Burmese writers, poets, and cartoonists, refers to joyful gatherings of people. Number of…

A Glimpse of Mount Meru by Dhamma Beri Ashin Viriya (Taung Soon) (Translated by U Hla Min)

A Glimpse of Mount Meru by Dhamma Beri Ashin Viriya (Taung Soon) (Translated by U Hla Min) For the return trip from Fort Wayne, Indiana (with a sizeable number of people from the “Golden Land”), I had booked the (early)…

Hledan Days (Junior Win)

Hledan Days (Junior Win) The Dream Village That was once  ‘Aung Chan Thar’ As the bus conductor calls out ‘Hledan bus stop’, one has only to get down and ask to be guided to Aung Chan Thar street, and you…

The End of My Journey by Junior Win

  The dry land which was cool under the shades was nice and pleasant.     The Sun Lun Gu Kyang (Myingyan) monastery was very large estate, and there were trees, petit pond, wild flowers, and sandy soil. The dry…

A Day at the Monastery by Junior Win

2nd January of 2013 was now 14 years since our granny passed away. Time passed so quick that it was happened like yesterday. But we never forget the day my granny passed away. We always did good deed to remember our granny’s…

‘Festival of Light’ (Junior Win)

(Photo –  A light festival on the eve, I illuminated with candles at the front of my grandparents house. I missed them so much. I also missed many happy memories which now became history since many years went by.) Thadingyut falls…

The Movement of buildOn by Pwintphyu Nandar

  It has been twenty years of building a movement for buildOn. Twenty years of weekends spent doing community service. Twenty years of summers spent in third-world countries helping build schools. That is what twenty years have been like for…

Khet Mar: Interview with editors, James Byrne & Ko Ko Thet

Bones Will Crow: An Anthology of Burmese Poetry | Sampsonia Way Magazine

James Byrne

James Byrne

James Byrne is an editor and co-founder of The Wolf poetry magazine. He has worked for the Poetry Translation Centre in London and has translated poetry from the Middle-East and the Balkans. For The Wolf he has published the work of Burmese poets Zawgyi, Saw Wai, Hyma Ein, Manorhary and Phone Thet Paing. Byrne recently lived in New York City from 2009-2011, where he was an Extraordinary International Fellow at New York University. His most recent collection is Blood/Sugar, published by Arc in 2009.

Thee Brothers Teaching Burmese Dance to Displaced Children

MoeMaKa Ywar Saw Gyi

February 24, 2011

Kyal Thee, a comedian of Thee brothers, stated that they started teaching Burmese traditional dancing to displaced Burmese children for free at their home in Chiang Mai. According to their announcement posted on their blog, the dancing class would start at 11:00 am on Saturday and it is free of charge. He also added that the course will only last for 2-3 months.

“We believe that Burmese traditional arts, music, and dance will greatly help them to feel happy, and soothe their tired minds and bodies while these stateless Burmese children, who had to cross from their homeland to another country, are both physically and mentally suffering from harshness of life, poverty and pressures of different surroundings. It is also our wish to do so,” said Ko Kyal Thee.