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Why Dictators Dare (2) by Junior Win

  I have learnt that dictators hold three main things such as Power, Money and Guns. The people under their rule endured what the dictators did as a saying; that cannot be cured must be endured. Do not expect hope…

Ludu Sein Win: 1940-2012

  “Every generation has its own influential journalist,” U Win Tin has once said, “It’s not a novel occurrence. There are so many great journalists in Burma. Above all these great journalists stands Ludu Sein Win. He is significant against…

Rohingya for Citizenship?

  (picture courtesy of AFP)  The International Labor Organization Conference was held in Geneva, Switzerland on June 14th. Daw Aung San Suu Kyi was invited to this conference, where she answered questions. Reporters asked her a series of questions regarding…

New Myanmar Kyat and Stock Exchange by Witmone



Central Bank of Myanmar CBM announced today 01-Apr-2012 that  US$1.00 will now equate to Kyat 818 as floating exchange rate. Almost 50 years fixed rate of US$1.00 equaling Kyat 6.30 disappeared.  Congratulation! to new reformed Burmese government. 

Why Dictators Dare by Junior Win

A dictatorship is a type of government in which a person or group of people rules a country with absolute power. Dictatorships can be established through violence and maintained through physical force and a limitation of people’s freedom of speech and behavior. They may also employ techniques of mass propaganda in order to sustain their public support.