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A Day in Phyu Phyu Thin’s Life


“A day in Phyu Phyu Thin’s life start with a phone call in the morning. She then tends to her patients and helps them out according to their needs. In spite of all her hard work, she does not look tired at all. In fact, she is graceful and smiling with whatever work she has to do.”

SF Bay Area Burmese Successfully Hosts 88 Commenmoration



The Burmese Community was able to successfully host the Commenmoration of the 23rd Anniversay of 8.8.88, which was held in Ceasar Chavez Education Center in Oakland, CA. The event was sponsored by 10 activist and ethnic organizations and around 100 guests attended. Stage performances, exhibitions, and presentations were part of said event.

Shwe Dagon on New Year Day


9000 candles lit in the night of New Year Day

Taryar Waiyan

January 4, 2011

On the platform of Shwedagon Pagoda, SasanahitaWutAssociation (a group which recites religious verses regularly) performed the worship with 9000 candles, flowers and scented water, to mark its 25th anniversary, from 5:30 to 7:30 in the evening, on New Year Day of 2011. That event was attended by many worshippers and devotees.

Burmese pray for 2200 of imprisoned politicians, students, monks




MoeMaKa reporter 005, Yangon

January 5, 2011

At 10:45 am, on January 4th  2011, some NLD members and former female political prisoners started lighting candles to pray for current imprisoned political activists at south-east post of Shwedagon Pagoda.

Political hostages recently released by Burmese Military Regime in Rangoon

Hostages Released in Rangoon

Political hostages recently released by Burmese Military Regime in Rangoon

MoeMaKa Photo-Essay

19 September 2009

So many things including human being in Burma have been reaching in hands of the junta for long time. Many people taken part in movements for democracy and rights are accused by junta’s official and convicted of various reasons such as attempts to deteriorate state security, made confrontations to the junta’s ideology and criticising the junta’s actions as persecutions on its own people. In the present days, more than 2000 people are behind bars for various reasons mentioned above.