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eBooks of Khin Myo Chit

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My grandmother; Khin Myo Chit’s two books – ‘Colourful Burma’ Part 1 and ‘Three Years Under the Japs(1945)’ are now available as ebooks on Kindle Store. Here are the links that if you need more information about the books.…

Burmese Days by Junior Win

    Here, my third digital book in English appeared in Amazon titled as ‘Burmese Days and Flowers’. I wrote it from my interest in Thingyan Pot which is a welcomed symbol of Burmese New Year that occurs every year…

My Life Will Go On by Junior Win

    Here is my digital book – appeared on Amazon.  Book Genre – Autography of the author herself.  However she was neither a super star nor a hero, the readers can see how her life went on unlike everybody…

‘Walking Through The Wonderland’ and Selected Articles’ ebook on Amazon’s Kindle from MoeMaKa Media finally published

  By Junior Win, February 13th 2013   Dear Readers,   About one and a half years of writing in my blog;, and and the result of about a month of preparation for this book now comes out…

3 Years Under the Japs by Khin Myo Chit

Book Review by JuniorWin

(Left: the old cover of “Three Years Under the Japs;” it had “Published by KHIN MYO Chit, 24 Zabuzi Street, SANCHAUNG” and “printing at THE ROYAL STATIONARY, 408-410 Dalhousie Street, RANGOON” written on the back. The addresses are now hard to find. They contain the old memories of our grandparents, despite the fact that they lived in the place for only a year or two. Right: The new cover of the book in 2011.)