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East And West, Now Met (Junior Win)

East And West, Now Met (Junior Win)  Our Burmese traditional food; Htamane feast is either celebrated communally or done in the private circle of family and friends. It comes, when Tabo-dwa (February), the eleventh month of Burmese calendar, we have…

The Last Wish by Junior Win

(Let’s wish this doomsday the leveler to all humanity.) Was the world really ended in 2012? I wish it was going to be true. I know everybody did not understand what I wished. Consider our world was full of cruel…

What Biographies Meant to Me by JuniorWin

What Biographies Meant To Me



Thinking Aloud in the Book Shop


When I was a kid and read about scientists as Albert Einstein, Newton, Madame Curie, etc, I felt that their stories encouraged me to interest in books, envy their ambitions, love of knowledge, etc. I did not realized at that time that these were kind of biographies.

‘My Heart Leaps Up When I Behold The River Irrawaddy’ – Junior Win



The Irrawaddy is the river the most well known and the longest inBurma. It flows along from north to south. It begins where the two rivers Mayka and Maylika meet at the north of Burma at the Kachinstate. The visitors love to see the rencontre of the two rivers. Wecall it ‘MyitSon’ (le rencontre de deux rivieres). This place alwaysattracts people so much.

The Irrawaddy flows north to south, so it passes many towns and manyplaces along streaming. I have little chance to visit ‘MyitSon’. But I have many chances to see the river Irrawaddy when I visit the countries which are near Irrawaddy. My grandmother always pointed the Irrawaddy when we were closed to see it. ‘Look, you see the river flowing there! It is called the river ‘Irrawaddy’.’ I looked what my grandmother was pointing, the river was very wide and never ending flowing. Under the sunshine the surface of the river was as shine as gold. If we saw the river Irrawaddy at the night, the river seemed flowing silently and the surface of the river as glow as lightening under the moon lit night.

‘As We Like it’ : Junior Win

Long time ago, we, the whole family travelled many regions of Burma especially middle part. Mandalay, Sitkaing, Monywa were mainly visited. We spent many days to visit pagodas there. Sometimes we stayed at the cottage or lodging of our grandparents’ native friend. Sometimes we stayed at the monastery.

Junior Win : I am a writer in Burma

Junior Win:  I am a writer in Burma

I start my writing since 1996 at the AtwayAmyin monthly magazine. AtwayAmyin(thought) magazine is like Readers Digest magazine. It contains about 30 articles published monthly.

I have now 7 books published in Burma. All are in Burmese. My published books contained about Science, Science and Technology, history of planes, Myself, Translations of my grandmother’ books, dictionary of mathematics and so on.

Pwint Phyu Nandar – The Burmese People Deserve Better from Their Government

The Burmese People Deserve Better from Their Government

Pwint Phyu Nandar

(6th Grader’s Essay at her school in San Francisco)

April 7th, 2009


  Do you want your government treating you badly, as if you and the people of your country are insignificant to them?  Of course, you don’t.  And neither do the people of Burma. But unfortunately, they are already being treated insignificantly. They deserve better from their government. There are many reasons and examples why, but here are a few main reasons and examples.